1. ESTIMATE VISIT: an estimate visit of your property is the appointment organized with one of our advisers to determine the value of your villa. His mastery of the market will allow him to evaluate your villa at the right price.
  2. TIPS: this step consists in bringing you all the necessary elements to enhance your villa and optimize its potential. For example, you will be able to arrange your interior differently to allow future buyers to project themselves.
  3. CONSTITUTION OF THE SALE FILE:, consists in gathering the legal documents required for the sale
  4. SIGNATURE OF THE MANDATE: committing oneself can sometimes be frightening but any sale by agency goes through the signature of a contract called "mandate". There are two types of mandate: the "simple" which allows the solicitation of several intermediaries and the "exclusive" which as its name indicates defines a commitment with a single provider.
  5. PHOTOS : photos are taken to highlight your property and optimize contacts
  6. TEXT : we write a descriptive text to present your villa.
  7. TARGETED ADVERTISING: the advertisement of your villa benefits from our professional network. We publish it on the most suitable real estate portals among our 300 French and international websites, our selected real estate magazines, our real estate groups, our showcase and our portfolio of buyers.
  8. SELECTION OF CONTACTS: your villa is only presented to potential buyers who have shown a real and serious interest in the property.
  9. VISIT OF THE PROPERTY : your villa is presented by our adviser
  10. VISIT REPORT: after each visit, our advisers write a report, which keeps you informed of the progress of the visit and how the potential buyers felt.
  11. COUNTER VISIT: your villa has caught the attention of a buyer; we organize the counter visit.
  12. AGREEMENT:the agreement is validated between the parties via a purchase proposal drawn up by L&G Prestige Immobilier.
  13. CONSTITUTION OF THE FILE: essential to the drafting of the compromise
  14. PRELIMINARY AGREEMENT: Accompaniment at the notary's office for the signature of the preliminary sales agreement with payment of the deposit: "the sequestration".
  15. DELAY OF WITHDRAWAL: 10 days granted to the buyer (non-professional)
  16. REAL ESTATE LOAN: steps related to the real estate loan if the buyer requests it.
  17. LAST VISIT: meter reading before signing the deed at the notary's office. This step allows us to check that the conditions of the compromise are respected.
  18. INSURANCE: the purchaser must insure the property before entering the dwelling.
  19. REITERATION: signing of the deed at the notary's office with handing over of the keys

Why opt for an exclusive mandate?

The exclusive mandate with L&G Prestige Immobilier offers multiple advantages when you wish to sell your property:

  • L&G Prestige real estate has a vast network and a positioning that is no longer to be proven in the region.
  • The duration is not ad vitam aeternam.
  • A highlighting of the property will be made because the agency focuses even more on the sale of properties in exclusive mandate, the contractual commitment for the agency with clients is even more demanding.
  • Reassure the buyer. It is a rule in marketing, a product present on all advertisements seems less prestigious, it loses value and credibility.
  • Facilitate exchanges since there is only one interlocutor and the seller does not have to multiply the steps, visits, explanations.
  • PMore visible, better referenced, free from constraints thanks to your single point of contact.
  • You therefore multiply the chances of buying your property.

For more details on the sales procedures, visit our agency with our consultants who will be happy to give you our documentation.

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